Benefits Of Professional Teeth Whitening Over Teeth Whitening at Home

Benefits Of Professional Teeth Whitening Over Teeth Whitening at Home

October 1, 2022

Frequent drinking of coffee, red wine, and smoking can lead to teeth staining. In addition, the chemicals in these beverages and tobacco can leave your teeth looking less pleasing. This can reduce your confidence when smiling among your peers.

The good news is that teeth discoloration is not permanent as there are different teeth bleaching options you can use to make your teeth brighter and whiter. Some of the treatment options involve whitening your teeth at home, whereas the other options are for looking for a dentist who performs teeth whitening in Quakertown, PA. First, let us examine why opting for professional teeth whitening is better than carrying out teeth whitening at home.

What Is the Procedure for Professional Teeth Whitening?

When you visit the dental clinic for teeth whitening, the dentist will first record the current color of your teeth. Next, the dentist will polish your teeth with a grainy material to remove tartar on the teeth’s surfaces.

Gauze is then used to isolate your mouth to keep the teeth dry. Retractors are also used to protect your teeth, lips, and cheeks from the whitening solution.

The dentist then applies the whitening solution to your teeth’s front surface. The solution contains carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. This acts as the bleaching agent.

A special ultraviolet light activates the bleaching agent and gives it time to bond with your teeth’s surfaces.

This procedure will be repeated until the optimum shade is attained. Then, fluoride will be applied to your teeth to help reduce tooth sensitivity which is common with this dental procedure.

If the desired shade is not reached, you may require additional visits to make this possible.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Although teeth whitening is considered safe, there are side effects that you might experience.

First, you might experience irritation in your gums. This might happen when the teeth whitening solution gets in touch with your gums. This is why you should look for professional dentists like the ones in Quakertown Family Dental Center who will ensure no teeth bleaching agent will come in contact with your gums, lips, or other soft tissues.

Teeth sensitivity is a side effect of teeth whitening treatment. This happens when your teeth come in contact with the teeth stain remover, making them sensitive to cold or hot beverages. The dentist near you will recommend using potassium nitrate gel, reducing the sensitivity.

Advantages Of Professional Teeth Whitening Over Teeth Whitening at Home

When you look for a professional dentist who has experience in teeth whitening, they can perform the procedure faster than you can. So if you want a faster method for whitening your teeth, it would be best to opt for professional teeth whitening.

If it is your first-time practicing teeth whitening, you don’t know what you’re supposed to do. This implies that you’re going to rely on the user’s manual to help you with the process of teeth whitening. But with professional teeth whitening, you do not have to worry about what will happen as the dentist knows the procedure. All you have to do is sit on the dental chair and let the dentist do their magic.

There are different teeth whitening options at home, and the bad thing with this is that you do not know which option is best for your teeth. Because your teeth can be severely stained, you might need a stronger bleaching agent. The advantage of professional teeth whitening is that there is reliable treatment. In addition, the dentist will know which bleaching agent will work best for your stained teeth.

Before the dentist works on your teeth, they look at your teeth and determine whether you have any dental disease. Dental diseases can sabotage teeth whitening treatment, so the dentist will first treat the issue before proceeding with the treatment. You can not notice the dental disease as you don’t know the signs, but your dentist does.

Supervision is important in ensuring your teeth attain the desired shade. However, it can be challenging to keep looking at your teeth to see any change. The good thing with professional teeth whitening is that the dentist will schedule appointments to monitor the progress of the teeth whitening treatment.