Improve Your Brushing and Flossing With These Tips

Improve Your Brushing and Flossing With These Tips

June 3, 2021

One of the best ways to help maintain your oral health is through regular brushing and flossing. Brushing and flossing near you are as easy as completing the process in your bathroom.

We at Quakertown Family Dental Center understand that many people can still find it difficult to brush and floss in the best way for good oral health. When working with Our staff, we are excited to help you develop the best practices to keep your teeth and gums healthy for many years.


Brushing and flossing in Quakertown, PA is as simple as completing the acts every day. If you begin to brush and floss as a part of your daily routine, your routine will feel wrong if you do not complete those acts.

With busy lives, it can be difficult to remember to brush and floss every day. If you struggle to remember to complete these acts every morning and night, setting alarms or other reminders can help you complete those acts. Soon your morning and bedtime routines will not feel complete without brushing and flossing.

Time Yourself

Many people may brush every day but do not brush long enough for it to work for good oral hygiene. Setting a timer when you brush will remind you how much time you should be spending brushing. This way you can spend adequate time getting in all the nooks and crannies that are in your mouth.

Easy Motions

Many people may find themselves brushing rigorously. This can seem like a great way to get build-up removed from your teeth, but it can weaken your enamel. When brushing use gentle motions to remove plaque, your teeth will thank you.

Floss Both Sides

Any dentist in Quakertown, PA will advise that people need to floss both sides of their teeth. Once you get the floss between your teeth, make sure you rub the floss between both teeth. This will ensure that debris is removed from your gumline.

If you are looking for a dentist near you to help manage your oral health, we encourage you to call Quakertown Family Dental Center. Call today to schedule an appointment with Our staff and work to get the perfect smile.