Teeth Whitening Helps Achieve the Brighter Smile You Desire

Teeth Whitening Helps Achieve the Brighter Smile You Desire

August 2, 2021

Teeth discoloration is a familiar issue with many people who often wonder whether they must use home remedies to whiten their teeth or visit a dentist for professional teeth whitening. Most people are unaware keeping their teeth appearing whiter and brighter permanently is practically impossible. However, the desire to display a beautiful smile overwhelms people, sending them searching for teeth whitening remedies from drugstores and online retailers.

Besides people’s desire to have a brighter smile, they also look for instant results from products purchased over-the-counter. Unfortunately, people don’t understand the concentration of teeth whitening agents in store brought products is negligible, requiring weeks or months before displaying any results. Unfortunately, the desire to have a brighter smile instantly encourages people to invest billions of dollars in teeth whitening remedies over-the-counter when they should visit Quakertown Family Dental Center to receive in-office teeth whitening treatments.

Why Must People Prefer in Office Teeth Whitening Treatments?

In-office teeth whitening in Quakertown, PA, by a dentist delivers results to whiten teeth faster. Instead of teeth whitening ingredients, dentists use teeth bleaching agents stronger than over-the-counter at-home remedies. Furthermore, a combination of heat and light is also used by dentists to intensify and speed the whitening process.

Teeth whitening dentists are qualified professionals fully aware of dental anatomy and provide dramatic results to make people’s teeth whiter and brighter by three to eight shades in 60-minute in-office visits. However, people with intense discoloration may require several visits to achieve the desired results.

People must understand teeth bleaching can make their teeth temporally sensitive. Therefore dentists initially evaluate the patient’s mouth to determine whether any sensitivity affects them. Dentists do not provide teeth whitening for sensitive teeth to avoid complications people may encounter. As experts in dental anatomy, dentists are careful with the treatments they offer and ensure people’s teeth and the soft tissues in their mouths are adequately protected before providing the remedy requested.

Are the Treatments from Dentists Permanent?

Whether people use at-home teeth whitening remedies or receive teeth whitening treatments from the dentist, they can help maintain the results they achieved by brushing, flossing, and rinsing every day. However, these treatments are not permanent, and discoloration of the tooth occurs when people have acidic and tannin-rich foods and beverages like black tea and coffee, red-and-white wine, sports drinks, carbonated beverages, berries and pigmented foods, sauces like tomato, soy, and curries.

Apart from maintaining excellent dental hygiene, people must also limit their consumption of foods and beverages mentioned above to ensure they retain the teeth whitening results they achieved longer, remembering they will need more treatments going ahead.

How Can People Maintain in Office Teeth Whitening Results?

People desiring to maintain expensive in-office teeth whitening results longer can request their dentist for at-home teeth bleaching systems. At-home systems are excellent because dentists provide customized trays similar to mouthguards with lower concentrations of bleaching gel and instructions on how and when to use them. People can purchase tray-based whitening systems by having their dentist create a customized mouthguard for them.

At-home bleaching systems are also available over-the-counter but are better ignored as the bleaching ingredients used are weak with the potential to cause tooth sensitivity if left over the teeth longer than necessary.

People must understand over-the-counter remedies are generalized and not explicitly created for them by manufacturers. Therefore they must refrain from whitening systems and prefer getting their teeth brightened by visiting a dentist.

What Challenges Do People Encounter When Considering whitening their teeth?

The most significant challenge people encounter when considering teeth whitening is determining the staining that affects them. Most stains on people’s teeth develop from foods and beverages, but people may also have staining from medications, infections, and age. Surface stains are comfortably removable using whitening toothpaste containing abrasive agents. However, intrinsic staining affecting the dentin is better treated by a dentist for efficient results.

Trying to understand what kind of staining affects their teeth is the most significant challenge people confront. To overcome this challenge, people must ensure they take proper care of their dental hygiene by brushing twice and flossing at least once every day, limiting or avoiding the consumption of certain foodstuff, and visiting the dentist frequently for cleanings and exams. However, adopting these habits is no guarantee that tooth discoloration will not affect people. Therefore people desiring a brilliant white smile must undergo teeth whitening treatments at least once every three years to achieve their goal.